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Dear Friends,


I am here to tell you about KAS Construction; the purpose of the company, the background of myself, and my core beliefs that are instilled in every employee. Importantly, I would like to first introduce you to the driving force behind each task. Kiara, my youngest daughter has the tools. Aryanna, my middle child has the eye for design, and Sarah, my oldest, has the brains. My three daughters are my inspiration and my support. They are a very valuable asset to our success. They are KAS.


I am Gary, the founder of KAS Construction. I knew at a very early age what my life’s purpose was. I do not know if it was when I was about five years old building stilts under the instruction of a seasoned carpenter during a construction project at my childhood home or during one of the many trips to job sites with my father.


It did not take long before my dreams became thoughts and my thoughts became actions. By the age of sixteen, I was the owner of “Fiddlers Roofing." I believe I made $18,000 my first year. That was the start to many enjoyable years of success.


Beginning early in my life I have been a part of many exciting projects that I am extremely proud of. It has given me the true education I need to provide the services I offer. For thirty years I have been a leader in the construction industry, and due to my thirst for knowledge, I have mastered many of the trades that are imperative to the construction field.


KAS Construction has been established to provide custom home  remodeling, and maintenance services and to do so in the most pleasant manner for the customer. By contracting with KAS Construction, you can expect honesty, quality, integrity and value in every project large or small.