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Kas construction Inc. understands how critical time is when expanding a business or starting a new business. Whether you have an existing building or leased space, or you plan to acquire a new building or lease, our build-out or renovation services are tailored to your needs. Most importantly, we work efficiently to focus on tight deadlines, while closely monitoring costs and quality control. In addition, our practice of maintaining clean jobsites ensures the efficiency and safety of our staff, clients and guests.

Whether it's a simple remodel, a major renovation, or new construction, you want to work with a company that will finish your project on time, within budget, and with superior craftsmanship. Kas Construction Inc. stands ready to fulfill your most stringent requirements

Our commercial clients appreciate our detail-oriented focus, professional craftsmanship and our ability to coordinate both build-out and remodeling projects with time sensitive deadlines. At the end of the project, you will find a new facility that welcomes customers or cliants.

In the case of build-outs of new commercial space, also known as tenant build-outs, Kas Construction Inc.  counsels prospective clients to begin planning the build-out during the search for the new space. This will both focus the search and expedite the build-out process. Because the quality, extent and cost of a build-out are all part of negotiating with the landlord in the case of rented space, it's important to consider a number of important issues.

Gary Clark